Social shares mean high search rankings: new report shows impact

In a recent post, David Moth analyses new study by Searchmetrics showing that social shares on Facebook and Twitter closely correlate with how a site ranks in Google searches.

As David writes:

“Facebook activity appears to have the highest impact on rankings, with a Facebook share the most important factor.

Twitter is far behind these values but is still the sixth strongest metric behind Facebook and the number of backlinks.”

The report shows that social metrics have largest impact of all the factors that influence search engine ranking.  This graph from the SearchMetrics report shows how powerful social metrics are in SEO.

David notes:

“The study found that Google+ has a correlation of 0.37 with search rankings, which would make it the factor with the strongest correlation.”

The evidence seems to indicate that the influence that social shares is having on search engine rankings will continue to grow.  What is your company doing to leverage social shares to secure its position in the rankings?


Image credit: Igor Stepahin


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